An affordable Hagerstown MD theft lawyerwho is familiar with Washington County MD District Court can help to either dismiss or lower theft charges.

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∼ Knowledgeable and Competent

Mr. Ameche has represented many clients with their theft and shoplifting cases. Additionally, he is very familiar with Washington County, MD District Court. Further, Steven Ameche is proud to offer his clients over 26 years of front line experience. Accordingly, his well respected Hagerstown MD theft law office will try to get the best outcome for your Washington County, MD shoplifting case. In essence, our goal is simply to achieve the best possible results for each of our clients in every theft case we handle.

∼ Theft Offenses – Let
an affordable Hagerstown MD theft lawyer help…

  Misdemeanor petty theft of property or services with a value of less than $100.

  Misdemeanor theft of property or services with a value of less than $1,000.

  Felony theft of property or services with a value of at least $1,000 but less than $10,000.

  Felony theft of property/services with a value of at least $10,000 but less than $100,000.

∼ Scheme

Sometimes several thefts are committed in one continuing course or scheme. Accordingly, the State may choose to add up the total value of the stolen property and charge a defendant with an additional charge. A Hagerstown MD theft attorney can help.

MD § 7-104

∼ About Restitution 

In addition, a person convicted of a theft crime may also have to repay the victim for the value of the property. Sometimes, addressing this issue before your court date can be beneficial to your case.

In short, please call or text (240) 705-8960. Additionally, you can email Further, our office also handles other misdemeanors and felonies. Also, we can help you with traffic tickets and bench warrants.  

Lastly, always be sure the Hagerstown MD theft attorney you hire is licensed. You can check bar admission with the State of Maryland – Attorney License Check Here.