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An experienced affordable Rockville MD hit and run lawyer can help to either dismiss or lower the charges against you.

Steven C. Ameche is an experienced Rockville hit and run Attorney. Mr. Ameche has handled many cases in Montgomery County District Court. His Maryland office is committed to protecting the rights of people who have been charged with a hit and run offense. Steven Ameche has represented many clients that have been charged with a Montgomery County Maryland hit and run violation. Further, we have successfully handled all types of traffic law matters, including DUI and bench warrants. Mr. Ameche is proud to offer his clients over 25 years of in the trenches experience. Accordingly, he will try to get the best outcome for your Rockville hit and run case. Hence, our goal is simply to achieve the best possible results for each of our clients in every case we handle.

Rockville MD hit and run laws:

• Attended Vehicle

The driver of any vehicle involved in an accident, regardless of fault, that results in injury to a person, shall render reasonable assistance to any injured person.

Further, the driver of each vehicle shall give their name, address, and the registration number of the vehicle they are driving and, on request, show their driver’s license.

• Unattended Vehicle

Leave your contact information with the vehicle you have damaged.

Title 20 § 20-105

Penalties for leaving the scene of an accident

A judge has several options when sentencing someone convicted of a hit & run offense.

These options include:

• Fines
• Community Service
• Probation
• Jail Time

Further, the MVA could add points to your driving record which could result in a suspension of your license.

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