Mr. Ameche is an affordable Frederick MD traffic ticket lawyer. He is  familiar with the Frederick County, MD court system. He can help you avoid points on your driving record.

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A knowledgeable Frederick MD traffic tickets attorney can help to either dismiss or lower the charges.

Sometimes traffic tickets can be handled without you being in court.

Frederick County MD is the point where the I-270 Frederick MD traffic I-270 and I-70 Frederick MD traffic I-70 come together. Accordingly, there is heavy east and westbound traffic in the area. Additionally, Frederick County is also home to a stretch of Highway 15 Frederick MD traffic US 15. Specifically, U.S. 15 runs north and south. US 15 is also a well traveled route. Traffic laws are strictly enforced on these highways. Indeed, Mr. Ameche has a proven track record at Frederick County District Court. Additionally, Steven Ameche is very familiar with the Frederick court system. Further, he is proud to offer 25 years of battle-hardened experience. Accordingly, he will try to get the best outcome for your traffic violation. In essence, his goal is simply to achieve the best possible results for each of his clients in every traffic ticket he handles.

∼ For instance, here are some different traffic citations you can be charged with…

  Red Lights
  Unsafe Lane Changes
  Control Device
  Following Too Closely
  HOV Violations
  Stop Sign Offenses
  Cell Phone
  Hit & Run

These offenses all carry points. Further, points can affect your driving record. In short, traffic tickets may increase your insurance premiums. A $100.00 a month insurance hike equals $3,600.00 in just 3 years. The good news – there’s a way to avoid this. Mr. Ameche can go to court for you. He can speak to the police officer. Also, he can speak to the judge. He can lower or remove your points. In short, an affordable Frederick MD traffic ticket lawyer can help. 

Payable Citations vs Must Appear Citations

A payable citation does not require you to go to court. These can be anything from tail light tickets to speeding violations. Red light tickets. Lane violations. Control device tickets. Stop signs. Cell Phones. Registration problems. These are all payable tickets. However, some payable tickets can result in points. 9 MPH over the speed limit is 1 point. Thirty over – 5 points. Reckless driving is 6 points. Failure to display license – zero points. Points can increase your insurance costs. Too many points can cause a suspension.

A must appear ticket requires you to go to court. Must appears are sometimes called serious violations. Serious violations can result in jail time. Hit & run. DUIs. Driving while suspended. Driving without insurance. These are all must appear tickets. Must appear tickets can also result in points. A DUI is 12 points. Driving without a license is 5 points. Also, you risk probation. Possible community service. We recommend having a lawyer for a serious violation.

Speeding – Over 100 MPH

This is a special area. Do not take this lightly. You should take this seriously. This will light up the court room. You risk 5 points and $500.00. Further, if convicted, your insurance will launch. The judge may want to talk with you. Do not do this alone. An attorney knows what to say. I recommend you have a lawyer.

An Affordable Frederick MD Traffic Ticket Lawyer Can Help with an MVA Hearing

An MVA hearing can sometimes keep you driving. The MVA fee is usually $150.00. Sometimes they are virtual. Online. They can give you a restricted license. You may be able to drive for work. But, you may need a letter from your employer. You can drive to see your doctor. Also, you can drive to school. However, you may not be able to drive for social reasons.

Request a hearing quickly. Usually within 10 days. This will avoid a gap suspension. 

Additionally, here are some other charges that an affordable Frederick MD traffic ticket lawyer can help you with…

• Excessive Moving Violations 

Too many traffic tickets can cause problems. For instance, your license could be suspended. This will happen if you get 8 to 11 points within 2 years. Further, a revocation will follow with 12 or more points within 2 years. Sometimes, your traffic tickets can be reopened. We may be able to reduce the points. This can be done by going to court. One can also request an MVA Administrative Hearing. This can be used to get you driving again. Removing points can get your license reinstated. Also, removing points can reduce your insurance premiums. 

• Driving with a Suspended License 

Driving without a license is usually not a good idea. It can result in points on your driving record. Further, you can be fined. Additionally, you can be placed on probation. Also, you risk jail time. Fortunately, there are defenses available. Steven Ameche is proud to offer his clients over 25 years of battle-hardened experience. Mr. Ameche has successfully handled many suspended license cases in Frederick County District Court. Accordingly, Mr. Ameche will try to get the best outcome for your suspended license matter.

TR § 16-303

Important Information on Failure to Appear in Court

Failure to show up in court on your scheduled court date could result in a drivers license suspension. Usually, this is referred to as a Failure to Appear or an FTA.  Additionally, there are some circumstances where the court may issue a bench warrant. For instance, you may have been charged with certain jailable offenses. Further, you may have failed to appear on your scheduled court date. If so, then there is a possibility that the court has issued a warrant for your arrest.

Better to hire a lawyer beforehand…

If you come into contact with police – you may wind up sitting in jail. They can hold you until your court date. Also, they can extradite you if you are out of state. Fortunately, we can remove the warrant. Further, we can file a motion to recall. You will get a new court date. You can wait at home for the new court date – instead of in jail. At home you can choose what and where to eat. When at home, you can choose to eat organic… or at McDonalds. There are no Happy Meals in jail. In jail you eat bologna sandwiches. An affordable Frederick MD traffic ticket lawyer can remove the warrant.

MC § 5-212

• A Few Important Words on Driving without Insurance…

Please try to avoid doing this. Driving without car insurance could result in a possible license suspension. Further, one could be imposed with a fine. Also probation. Maybe community service. Lastly, even possible jail time. 

Things to consider if driving an uninsured vehicle

Driving without insurance is illegal. Additionally, driving an uninsured car is risky. As stated earlier, you can face a hefty fine. You chance being on probation. Also, you tempt a license suspension. Further, you risk being jailed. An affordable Frederick MD traffic ticket lawyer can help. 

MD TA § 17-107

No Insurance – Car Accidents & Civil Liability

Without insurance, if you get into a car accident, you may have to pay for the other party’s damages. The police may show up at the accident. They will ask for proof of insurance. You will be cited.

Fortunately, we can usually work out a fair deal on your court date. Indeed, a reinstalled insurance policy can certainly help.

Mr. Ameche has successfully handled many driving without insurance cases in Frederick, MD. Further, he will try to get the best outcome for your Frederick County MD District Court uninsured auto case. 

In short, please call or text (240) 705-8960. Also, email us at [email protected]. Further, ask us about our low cost inexpensive payment plans.  

Lastly, always be sure the affordable Frederick MD traffic ticket lawyer you hire is licensed. Accordingly, you can check bar admission with the State of Maryland – Attorney License Check Here.

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