An affordable Calvert County MD speeding ticket lawyer who is familiar with the Calvert County District Court system can help you avoid points on your driving record.

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An experienced speeding ticket attorney ∼ well versed with Calvert County MD District Court ∼ can help to either dismiss or lower charges.

∼ Sometimes speeding tickets can be handled without you being in court ∼

Calvert County, MD has a population of nearly 93,000 people. Further, the main highway through Calvert County MD is Route  MD 4. Having a Calvert County MD speeding ticket lawyer who understands the specifics of Calvert County District Court is a necessity for a good result. Mr. Ameche has successfully handled traffic cases is Calvert County. Moreover, Steven Ameche is proud to offer his clients over 25 years of front line experience. Accordingly, he will try to get the best outcome for your speeding ticket. Hence, our goal is simply to achieve the best possible results for each of our clients in every speeding ticket we handle.

∼ Sometimes law enforcement will issue several additional citations with your speeding ticket. Some of these added offenses may be for… 

Red Lights
Unsafe Lane Changes
Control Device
Following Too Closely
HOV Violations
Stop Sign Offenses
Hit & Run

∼ Other serious traffic violations that an affordable Calvert County MD speeding ticket lawyer can help with…

• Failure to Appear in Court

Your driver’s license can be suspended if you fail to appear for a traffic ticket. Also, under certain circumstances, the court may also issue a bench warrant for your arrest.

MC § 5-212

• Driving with a Suspended License 

Someone caught driving with a suspended driver’s license can have their license suspended for an even longer period of time. Also, you could face fines, probation and even possible jail time.

• Driving without Insurance 

Driving without car insurance could result in a possible license suspension – a fine, or even possible jail time.

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