An affordable Anne Arundel County MD bench warrant lawyer can help you recall a court ordered warrant.

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 Failure to Appear

Skipping court is usually not a good idea. Failure to show up on your scheduled court date could result in a drivers license suspension. Usually, this is referred to as a Failure to Appear or an FTA. Additionally, there are some situations where the court may issue a bench warrant. For instance, you may have been charged with certain jailable offenses. Further, you may have failed to appear on your scheduled court date. If so, then there is a possibility that the court has issued a warrant for your arrest. As a rule, it is more beneficial if one hires a bench warrant attorney before they are picked up. It helps to show responsibility. It can also restore trust. An experienced bench warrant lawyer can file a motion and request that the warrant be quashed and withdrawn. In short, you can avoid having to turn yourself in.

MD Code §5-212

Something to consider if you have an active warrant

Sometimes we come into contact with law enforcement. For instance, at a traffic stop. Also, if you get into a car accident. Or, you could go through a DUI check point. A police officer can put your name into a data base. The officer may see you have a bench warrant. They can take you into custody. Further, they can make you wait in jail. They can hold you until your case is resolved.

Out-of-State Concerns

Sometimes we learn about bench warrants after we have moved out of state.  You may find out about a warrant after coming into contact with law enforcement. You risk extradition back to Maryland. It will not be a fun trip. They may, or may not, stop at a drive thru. Better to address the warrant before this happens.

An affordable Anne Arundel County MD bench warrant lawyer can file a motion to recall your warrant

∼  Sometimes a bench warrant lawyer can do this without the appearance of the client ∼

We can file paperwork with the court to remove your warrant. We can ask the court to schedule another trial date. Our office can lift holds on your driver’s license. Further, we can represent you at your new trial date. Lastly, you will no longer have to avoid law enforcement.

Competence Comes With Experience

Steven C. Ameche is an experienced bench warrant defense attorney. Additionally, his practice includes concentrations in theftsuspended licenses and shoplifting. Also, he handles burglary, DUI, and assault cases. Further he deals in drug and controlled substances. In essence, we manage most felony and misdemeanor offenses. Mr. Ameche is proud to offer his clients over 25 years of battle-hardened experience. Accordingly, we will try to get the best outcome for your matter. Hence, our goal is simply to achieve the best possible results for each of our clients in every case we handle.

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