An affordable Anne Arundel County MD bench warrant lawyer can help you recall a court ordered warrant.

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Can a failure to appear result in going to jail?

If you are charged with a payable ticket, and you fail to appear in court on your scheduled day, it could result in a driver’s license suspension. Specifically, this is usually referred to as a Failure to Appear or FTA. However, there are some circumstances where the court may issue a bench warrant.  For instance, if you were charged with a must appear offense, and then failed to appear on your scheduled court date, then there is a possibility that the court has issued a warrant for your arrest. Indeed, once a warrant is issued, you could be taken into custody. Usually, it is more beneficial if one hires an attorney before they are picked up. Accordingly, an experienced lawyer can file a motion and request that the warrant be quashed or withdrawn.

MD Code §5-212

Additionally, one needs to understand that if you have an active warrant for your arrest, and you come into contact with a police officer who puts your name into a data base, you could be arrested and held until your situation is resolved.

An affordable Anne Arundel County MD bench warrant lawyer can file a motion to recall your warrant

∼  Sometimes this can be done without the appearance of the client ∼

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