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A dog bite lawyer can help you with dog bite injuries. Dog, cat and other animal injuries can be very painful and stressful and result in scarring, medical bills and loss of income.

Our Goal is Fair and Just Compensation For Our Clients.

Victims of dog bites, cat bites and scratches and other animal injuries, know how serious injuries caused by an animal attack can be. An animal attack attorney can help to evaluate your animal injury and explain your legal rights.

Whether you reside in Washington DC, Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, or a surrounding Maryland county, we are prepared to assess your animal attack. We can tell you the value of your animal attack case during a free consultation.

The amount of money you receive for your case will depend on your damages. Your damages are determined by the amount of medical bills and other related events. Also, of importance is the degree of negligence of the owner of the animal who caused the attack.

An animal attack attorney knows the way the legal system works. Our dog bite lawyers have a successful record of getting the money you deserve. Further, our dog and cat bite lawyers are also aware of the pain, suffering and many issues that come with animal attack injuries.

Lastly, dog, and other animal injuries, can keep you out of work as well as affect your daily life. Further, you may be able to receive money for the following:

Medical expenses
Lost wages
Pain and suffering
Reduced earnings due to long-term injuries

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